Dedicated to the gay people of the world who struggle with choices in life.



From an older to a younger gay person"

The purpose of this book is to address some of the issues related to being openly gay in the current world; in the hope of creating fulfilment of my readers’ lives in love, career, and health.




You are essential to this process.


Initially borne out of a need that I could clearly see in the world, this project can go much further. So far my intention is to switch from relating my experiences and those of others to fiction writing and produce books for sale at inexpensive prices.  


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Positive change in the world can come about through fiction, I believe. By writing interesting stories about the lives of people who overcome the barriers which exist in the world, I am hoping to give others the means to live happier lives and transform the world to be better for everyone. It is easier to lead the way by showing how things can be and let us all have fun at the same time.

Your ideas and feedback will drive this process. Of course, I have thoughts about exciting stories to write but I can do my best when I have direction from inspired readers. Words of Experience is a journey for you and me, if you are willing to come along for the ride. It is bound to be exciting!


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