Sydney - Day 1

Sydney has the most visible gay scene in Australia, so was the city of choice for me to visit on a promotional trip for my book.

Overall, my trip was a successful effort to help more people know about my free e-book to help young people, especially where same-sex preferences are sources of conflict or concern to them.

Notable highlights included great interest by the volunteer manager of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mari Gras and the gay Christian group, a lady I found very positive and enthusiastic.

The Metropolitan Community Church of the Good Shepherd as also incredibly supportive. The urged me to give a short talk on my e-book and I left some notices for their church.

Thank you to these wonderful people.

I have fond memories of being there as a 21-year old, coming out in Sydney. Although I believe in God I am not religious. However, I was more inclined to be when younger and the messages from this Church were very positive.

I also made contact with the Editor-in-Chief of Same Same magazine and the Sydney Star Observer. Evo Media regularly publish a number of gay and gay-friendly magazines around Australia, including "SX" (weekly in Sydney) and Melbourne Community Voice (weekly). An executive assistant at Evo Media spoke to me and was keen on Words of Experience and expressed interest to bring it up at an impending editors meeting.

I feel so encouraged after being given the opportunity to discuss Words of Experience with these people.

In addition, I made contact with numerous organisations and individuals to let them know about Words of Experience. Organisations included the Wayside Chapel (where I held an open discussion forum on masculinity - highlights to be posted), the Kirketon Road Centre in Kings Cross, the Albion Centre in Surry Hills, the Oasis Centre in Surry Hills (which is run by the Salvation Army) and Twenty 10 (which has a youth drop-in centre).

Hoping this will all help more people to access Words of Experience and share the enthusiasm which I feel about my book.

#sydney #franksbook #booktour

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