Introduction to My Second eBook, of Short Fiction Stories

My first e-book "Words of Experience" was non-fiction. It was written to help young people, especially those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). My second e-book is a collection of 12 short fiction stories. It's title is "12 Little Stories to Rid the World of Bigotry". This e-book features LGBT characters to encourage acceptance of LGBT people of the world. By doing this I also hope to spread love and peace in the world for everyone.

In this video of less than three minutes, I state my aims and give examples of short stories in the e-book. Although tolerance towards LGBT people has increased greatly, there is still hatred of them and they are still harmed. Even though there is plenty of evidence that people do not choose to be gay, this does not seem to be sufficient to stop harm. I think that personal examples and fiction stories can increase tolerance further, where reason would be ignored. In my case, which is not unique, instead of using my PhD education in immunology research to benefit medicine I had to drive a taxi on night-shifts to earn money. My fiction characters demonstrate what bigotry can do and indicate how it can be overcome.

In my fiction e-book, there is a homophobic church. God visits during a service there and speaks the truth as I think the loving God would. Inside a gym, a photo of a penis is shared without permission with hilarious results. I present my gay superhero "Super-Topp". There is a story about a lesbian woman who finishes her PhD and does Ebola virus research in Africa, where she finds a girlfriend. An unhappy straight couple manage to bring happiness back into their marriage. In another fiction story, aliens in a technologically advanced civilisation have a history lesson devoted to understanding the end of humans on Earth. I have included a story in which there is a gay dog. There are also other short stories. A free sample of my fiction e-book for sale is available for download at this website. To buy my this e-book, please visit my new website ( I hope that readers will enjoy this e-book.

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