Relics from Ancient Afghanistan at the Western Australian Museum in Perth

A touring exhibition of historical artefacts from ancient Afghanistan came to the Western Australian Museum in Perth. Many relics were lost due to war during events such as the bombing of the National Museum in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Afghans risked their lives to rescue ancient artefacts and make them available for people of the world to see. Many fascinating and beautiful items were on display. A memorable message from the National Museum in Kabul was, "A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive." Ancient Afghanistan was on the Silk Road trade route. Ancient relics had features similar to designs from ancient Greece, Egypt, India, Persia (Iran) and Syria. Information about the exhibition and examples of items on display can be found at the following link of the Western Australian Museum:

Below is a photo of my good friend Johan (top centre), my sister (Anne, bottom left), my mother (bottom centre) and me taken outside the museum. Johan is currently dating Anne. I have known Johan for 32 years, since I was aged 14 and in the army cadet unit at high school. We did not become friends until a year later, when I had left the cadets and got a Commodore 64 home computer from my parents. Then Johan and I had a shared interest in computing and playing computer games. Going to the museum exhibition was an enjoyable activity for us all to do together.

Afghanistan Exhibn 26Jul14b.JPG

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