Sydney - The Nightlife!

Of course, many people like the gay-friendly night-life in Sydney, including me!

Therefore, I spoke to staff in key positions at popular gay and gay/mixed night-clubs in Sydney, especially those close to Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. Their many gay and gay-friendly establishments are concentrated.

I met with Randel, promoter for gay/mixed clubs which are associated with the Exchange Hotel in Oxford Street; namely, Up Dayclub and Club Exile. We had a nice chat over tea and coffee. Not only was Randel greatly interested in Words of Experience, he was prepared to link to the Words of Experience website and place a notice for display outside a venue in Oxford Street, providing it was sufficiently inclusive to match his mixed clientele.

He is a man of vision and I thank him for his time.

Peter, General Manager of Arq night-club was was already reading Words of Experience when I met him in his office. Peter was not only enthusiastic about the e-book but happy to link to the website.

Great stuff! Thanks very much, Peter.

When I met Glenn, Promotions and Marketing Manager for the popular Stonewall Hotel, willingness to link to my Words of Experience website was also expressed. A big thank you to Glenn.

Support was also assured when I met Robert of the Colombian Hotel and Leigh of the Midnight Shift. Thank you Robert and Leigh. Both of you were busy but prepared to meet me to talk about Words of Experience.

However, I also contacted / called on many other night-clubs and pubs while in Sydney to promote Words of Experience. Young people I spoke to were almost universally supportive of Words of Experience, as a book and project. A big shout out to all you wonderful people I spoke to in Sydney.

Keep believing in your ideals. Words of Experience is there for you.

#sydney #booktour #wordsbyfrank

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